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My name is Petronella Lugemwa (pronounced loo-GHem-wa).
I’m a wedding, portrait and marriage proposal photographer who lives in northern New Jersey, a 30min subway ride from New York, so I claim the greater New York area (why not, it’s the Big Apple!?!).  I’ve traveled to 6 continents and lived in 11 different cities worldwide, so I travel any and everywhere.

My Background

I was born in a tiny village in Masaka, Uganda (despite what my accent may suggest), grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to the United States (Alabama) when I was 10 years old.  Now that I’m older, I fully embrace my heritage and am proud to proclaim that I’m Ugandan.  Read my full assimilation story and why I specialize in cultural love stories { here } and then watch this { video }.

Growing up, my father would discuss chemistry at the dinner table and relate it to everyday things { read this blog post } and my mother is a math teacher, so numbers don’t scare me and I love discussing the chemistry of things (Breaking Bad?? Amen!).  This love for math and science drove me to get a chemical engineering degree from the University of Virginia and eventually an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management.

How I Got into Photography

So the question I get asked most often is: how did you transition to photography??
When a friend asked me to photograph her wedding, I discovered what I’d always loved doing as a little girl.  (Sidenote: I once stole my dad’s film camera and brought it to gym class to photograph my sweaty classmates just because I wanted to capture candid moments).  Back to the story of my friend: I photographed her wedding and fell madly in love with all things wedding related: the couple’s story / excitement/ details / traditions/ family dynamics, all thrill me.  Basically, I reconnected with my love of telling stories through photographs.

My Personality

I’m fairly quiet and reserved in person and prefer to listen and observe, but something happens when I’m behind the camera.  I come ALIVE.  I’m a little louder and more uninhibited.

What is a Multicultural Wedding?

Watch { this } to experience them.  As a wedding photographer, my mission is to celebrate you — observing and bringing to life the fusion of two people, two families, two distinct legacies of culture and tradition.
My photographs vividly tell the story of you: you as an individual and you as a couple — the whole of your family, your culture and the things that shape you.  

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