When my best friend got married in Bolivia, I was amazed at all the cultural traditions she and her husband incorporated into their Bolivian wedding.

Bolivian wedding ring tradition (2)

In Bolivia, the parents choose godparents or compadres or compadrazgo for their children either at birth or when their children are getting married.  The compadres play a significant role in spiritually guiding the couple through marriage and helping the couple plan and finance their wedding.   One role includes selecting and paying for the couple’s wedding rings (see below).

Love that the inside of each gold ring is engraved with the the name and wedding date of their husband or wife!

Bolivian wedding ring tradition (4)

These wedding rings are worn on the right hand versus the left hand.


Another fun tradition is instead of a floral bouquet toss to all the single ladies, a common Bolivian wedding tradition is to have strings tied to the bottom of a wedding cake.  Only one of the strings has a ring tied to it and whoever gets this ring will be the who gets married next.

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