When I first met Carolyn and Oral, I was immediately struck by how stylish, coordinated, cool and collected both of them were.  I initially thought they might have hired runway coach extraordinaire “Miss J” from America’s Next Top Model to pull together their engagement session style because they looked GOOD but quickly discovered they had done some modeling in the past.  I met this stylish couple as part of Ross Oscar Knight‘s Building Community Through Photography Initiative.

They were both fun to photograph, very laid back in a quiet confidence sort of way… even when I would be running around getting photos from different angles, they kept their cool.  I was surprised when Oral mentioned he was a little nervous.

When I asked Oral where he wanted to live after they got married, he quickly mentioned his second hometown of Miami but followed up by saying, “but I really just want to be where she is.  I’ll be happy wherever she is.”  It showed because they were very much in sync as their body language mimicked the other.
I wish this easy-going, stylish couple the best wherever they go.


You were great!!!