Rob Yaskovic is a father of 4 adopted multicultural children and is a popular New Jersey wedding, portrait and food photographer. His Instagram bio reads: “I make photographs and drive my children around. Sometimes I go fishing.”

In our interview, we discuss #dadstuff, what life looks like for him as a Caucasian multicultural dad of European descent helping to raise 4 adopted children ages 5 – 15 of and how he uniquely bonds with each child and teaches them how to embrace who they are in the context of pursuing their dreams, race, the current 2017 political climate, hair and photographs.

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Rob shares some valuable advice on how he is teaching each of his kids to be comfortable in their own skin and to remain true to themselves.

Rob Yaskovic shares:

  • 06:01 – It was interesting that our first baby was actually our fourth child.
  • 08:28 – Everybody’s their own person. You’re not trying to make your children be you or somebody else. You’re not trying to say this is what you should do.
  • 13:30 – I never thought I’d be learning how to do Nubian twists.
  • 15:57 – With four kids, it’s hard to get one on one time. So I try to find something with each of them that we can do.
  • 25:47 – As a child, it was important to me to understand everybody’s fate, and I think it leads to photography. As a photographer, you’re always open. Your job is to observe. I think that lends well with being a parent.
  • 31:27 – Do what makes you happy. So I want my kids to find that, but I also want them to be realistic as well.
  • 31:27 – I don’t need a vacation from my life. I don’t need to get away from this. It is my job, my career is my life, whether I was making money or not. So that’s it. I want them to have that somewhere in their life.
  • 34:03 – How to be a good parent? Find out what your kids like and support them the best way you can.



Multicultural Topics Addressed

  • Raising four adopted multicultural children 
  • Teaching your multicultural kids to remain true to themselves and embrace who they really are
  • Making sure that all your kids know about their multicultural background as much as possible
  • Bonding with each of your kids through unique bonding experiences
  • Handling and overcoming challenges of being a multicultural dad
  • Discussing racism and politics with your multicultural kids


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