I first met Latrice and Steven during a Munaluchi Bridal magazine shoot.  (Eeek!  Exciting details on that coming soon…. but I digress).  Just be sure to get a copy of the Summer 2013 issue, which comes out in a month).




How awesome was it when Latrice reached out to me a few weeks before her wedding for some additional photos of her and Steven to surprise their weddings  guests.  I was truly honored since we hadn’t spoken since the Munaluchi shoot.




We met up in Edison, NJ on a cold, brisk afternoon as the sun was setting over Roosevelt park.  Latrice arrived in cerulean blue shoes that made me squeal, what I call her-something-blue for the engagement session and a stylish winter beige coat and hot pink fingernails.  The accent finger had some major bling, which only complemented the gorgeous ring Steven picked out for her!


Latrice’s cultural heritage includes St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and Steven’s from New Jersey.  They both started dating just before graduating from high school and have been together for the past 9 years.  Their marriage proposal story is so sweet.   On May 28, 2011 at 2:23 AM, Latrice was awakened by a cell phone light and the sounds of movement in their bedroom closet.



When she finally woke up, she saw that Steve was down on one knee, fully dressed in a suit and Luther Vandross’ “Here and Now” was playing on the speakers.  Yes, he went out of his way to change into a suit (in the closet) and proposed at exactly 2:28 am (Latrice’s birthday is 2/28).   What a beautiful expression of love!


During most of the shoot, my awesome assistant Aaron and I kept wondering what Steven was whispering to Latrice because she was very giggly throughout the session, which helped make for some fun photos.  Gotta adore a man who knows how to make his woman laugh.