For a brief moment, I stopped… to reflect.

It was a hot summer day in June, and I had been pushing myself to learn and grow as a photographer by studying and trying to take it all in at one time (it doesn’t work).  For a brief instant, I caught my reflection in this East Village, NYC storefront window.

Later that week, I started walking… everywhere.  When I wanted to jump in the car to go to Walmart or to get groceries, I decided to walk because I was only averaging 7,000 steps a day.  Some days I walked 2miles, sometimes 5miles… with the goal of walking at least 12,000 – 20,000 steps a day.

The hardest part about walking was the first step, imagining how the final destination seemed a billion miles away and how much easier it would be to just drive there.  Walking everywhere that month allowed me to reflect on all the beauty I have in my neighborhood and to see places and things I had never seen before.  It inspired the crazy but unexpected locations for Ashley‘s birthday session.

It seems counter intuitive, but taking time to slow down and reflect has inspired more creativity than staying busy trying to take it all in.

I invite you to walk to the grocery store next time.  Who’s with me?


East Village, NYC