I stared at it for a long time….

Tops Diner Red Velvet cupcake (1)


from the corner of my eye, I stared at the red velvet sprinkles atop the creamy cheesecake icing anticipating what it would feel like for the moist and creamy red velvety goodness from Tops Diner to melt in my mouth.

Tops Diner Red Velvet cupcake (2)


One day earlier, I’d hired a personal trainer to get fit, be healthy and to prepare for a rigorous photography season… forgetting that I’d planned a red velvet shoot.  Now what I’d promised my trainer I’d eat and do was being put to the test.


Tops Diner Red Velvet cupcake (4)

In the end my commitment to being healthier won, and I only had a few bites (which were exquisite).

Yes it was worth it, even with the extra intense Zumba workout I had to do later that day.