A month ago, my father asked me if I wanted to make nail polish from scratch in his laboratory.

I literally jumped up and down with excitement.  I wanted to know how, what chemical ingredients, everything.

I grew up watching my dad mixing chemicals in the lab and as a result, my life has been influenced by all things chemistry.  When I was young, conversations with my dad included discussions about the chemistry of everyday products like the organic structure of key ingredients in pain medications or how to get rid of candle wax that had spilled on my couch.  He usually responded by saying “like dissolves like” and we’d proceed to figure out the basic chemical composition of the everyday product. 

Today I’m not as proficient in chemistry as I used to be, but I love roaming the store aisles picking up products and reading the ingredients to determine if I should buy Brand X or Y or the generic version.  Call me a mad scientist or the geek, but I love it.

That day, I discovered that nail polish can be made by mixing ethyl acetate, mica, pigments, nitrocellulose and acetone but I bore you with the details…. check out the pics from my nail polish experiments and make your call.

What do you think of the final selection of nail polish colors I produced?  It’s harder than it looks to produce a desired color.


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