What did one Chinese – Filipino – American married couple learn about each other while traveling around the world?

In episode 5 of the I Am Multicultural podcast, I talk to Yanshu + Mike about their first big international trip together as a couple & how they use food, travel, honesty, culture & humor to learn & support each other & how they’re making their marriage work as they build a bubble tea business that keeps them apart 5 days a week.

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Chinese Filipino married couple on their wedding day I Am Multicultural Podcast

Multicultural Topics Addressed

  1. Meeting online and bonding with your significant other during your first international trip together as a Chinese Filipino couple and learning about your different cultures
  2. Getting to know each other better through cooking, travel, humor and culture
  3. Supporting each others careers and dreams while building a business together as a Chinese Filipino couple
  4. Overcoming challenges of not seeing each other every day and making your marriage work
  5. Discussing what values, traditions and elements of your different cultures to pass on to your Chinese Filipino kids


Chinese Filipino couple traveling together in Asia I Am Multicultural Podcast

Yanshu and Mike share:

  • 12:00 – Even if the truth can hurt sometimes I try my best to be honest and that’s something he appreciates.
  • 14:12 – Your world isn’t just your home, your work, your school. There’s a whole globe out there and everything’s closer now. Directly speaking, you can hop on a flight and be anywhere around the world within a couple of hours or a day.
  • 15:14 – If you’re both not looking for the same thing, then it’s easier to decide early on to separate versus later, when you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into a person.
  • 26:44 – As long as you guys both have the same goal in mind, don’t pressure. That’s something I’ve learned. Don’t pressure your significant other. Make him want to do it because he’s ready.
  • 30:29 – Everything that you get in life you earn. Sometimes it is luck or you’re blessed with certain things, but you learn to be humble. I think it’s so important to have that attitude.
  • 32:57 – I don’t want to sacrifice our relationship and our happiness just to make the money.
  • 47:30 – I think it’s important not to argue over little issues, but to just tell your partner, hey, you know, this thing kind of bothered me a little bit, it kind of made me feel a certain way and then talk it out instead of holding things in or letting things go when you’re not really letting it go. So I think communication and trust are very important.


Chinese Filipino married couple on their wedding day petting dog Joshua Dwain I Am Multicultural Podcast
Wedding Photo Credit: Joshua Dwain

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Chinese Filipino couple traveling together in Asia I Am Multicultural Podcast

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Chinese Filipino married couple scuba diving together I Am Multicultural Podcast

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