When you’ve assimilated and relate better to your American or Western culture, what are some ways that you can still honor your parents and grandparents non-Western heritages?

This week I’m talking to easy-going, fun Korie & Frank, they are a multicultural  couple based in the New Jersey area and this week we’re talking about how they relate better to being American but still find thoughtful ways to pay homage to their parents and grandparents culture.

I think their interview will give you some insights into the subtle nuances and ways one can connect with your own culture and heritage.


Heritages: Korie has a mixed Eastern European background and Frank is an American – Chinese

Chinese American married couple I Am Multicultural podcast

We talk about the following:

  • Relating better to one’s American or Western side versus one’s own heritage and culture
  • Finding subtle ways to honor your heritage even though you are more westernized and you don’t speak the language
  • How Korie reacted to Frank’s family lukewarm reaction when they first met her
  • How Korie and Frank use food to incorporate each other’s cultures and heritages into their marriage even though they’re more westernized
  • Finding thoughtful ways to pay homage to one’s parents and grandparents culture and heritage even when you’re more Westernized and Americanized
  • What Korie does to learn more and better understand Frank’s family’s customs and traditions


Korie + Frank share:

  • 21:56 I like learning about other things and it’s better to be respectful than to offend somebody by accident and try to explain yourself.
  • 24:17 Be open to everything, try everything, learn about someone else’s stuff. It’s fun. It’s not a chore. It’s not boring. It’s really exciting to taste, hear, see, learn about someone else’s background, how they grew up, what they ate and everything else. If you’re dating somebody who’s from another background, just be way open to learning about it because it’s going to go a long way in a relationship if it’s important to the other person.
  • 25:10 Get to know the individual. Learning about someone’s background is just cool knowledge, but it really depends on how important is the person.
  • 28:50 A big part of why we’ve gotten along for so long is because we’re not afraid to be goofy, be ridiculous, be whatever to each other. We both really learned a lot of good lessons and we applied them to our relationship and that’s why we’ve been able to go this long without having any crazy major fights or communication issues. If we do get upset, maybe I’ll ignore him for a few hours so I can cool off or he’ll be quiet. We really take the time to make sure we don’t do something with each other that we’re going to regret later.
  • 30:20 I know there are days I get under his skin, but you know what? We take in everything and remember that we love each other and that there’s a reason that we’re together.


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