Looking picture perfect with glowing skin begins way before your wedding day and involves not only hiring an amazing wedding photographer but also investing in a consistent beauty regimen months before your wedding day; here are the best beauty tips for the multicultural bride.  Hint, hint, it includes drinking lots of water.


We believe brides of all shades (black, Asian, biracial, Latin, Caucasian, European, African, Pacific Islander, Caribbean etc) and skin types deserve to look amazing in their wedding photos, so we reached out to the top New York area destination makeup experts who cater to the multicultural bride to get their advice on how you can prepare for your wedding day.  Because who doesn’t want a few pre-wedding beauty tips, especially when your wedding day is approaching?!? They kindly gave us a few beauty tips and insights into beauty success, but definitely consult with a dermatologist to figure out what works best for your skin type.


Sisi Nike

Our first beauty expert is Sisi Nike

Beauty Tips for the Multicultural Bride

She says the best things you can do for your skin are hydrate, exfoliate, and get a facial. 

“It’s a no brainer that you should be drinking anywhere from half or a full gallon of water per day to really hydrate. Try stepping up your water in take at least 3 – 6 months prior to your wedding day for the best results. 

Also, the best over-the-counter exfoliants for the skin are chemical exfoliants such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) wipes and Glycolic pads. Ease up on the physical exfoliants like facial scrubs made of sand and even sugar, they can be a bit harsh to some skin and leave light abrasions behind. 

As a bonus, I’ll throw in the very beneficial tip of treating yourself to a facial by a professional esthetician! I absolutely LOVE the 1 hour steam facials at Massage Envy for an introductory price of $60 for first time customers at any of the locations. Your pores will thank you!”


How much time to plan for wedding makeup and how many makeup artists are needed

For a bridal party with 8 women plus the bride, Sisi Nike says you need 2 – 3 makeup artists, allotting 1 hour per bridesmaid and 90 minutes for the bride. 

“If the bride wants her makeup artist all to herself than the 2 other makeup artists can split the bridal party and do 4 bridesmaids each, which will allow all 9 women to be done with makeup in 4 hours! Make sure you are always choosing makeup artists who have similar aesthetics, so there isn’t a visible disconnect. Continuity is key!”


What Makes Sisi Nike an Amazing Makeup Artist

With 8+ years of bridal experience to tap into, Sisi leverages her experience to help brides make the best decisions throughout their wedding planning process. Sisi Nike wants to make her client’s entire wedding day feel flawless, not just the makeup.

“My bridal clients come to me for the same reasons: my signature natural but glamorous makeup, my professionalism, my positive energy and lastly, my thorough breakdown of understanding their wants and comfort level. More importantly, they book me because they always discover that I can offer something that they hadn’t even thought of that would be super important to making their day run smoothly. I tap into my 8 year bridal experience of do’s and don’ts and my vendor referrals so the bride is making the best decisions throughout her planning process, which can be so stressful.

I literally comb through all the important details before I even create a wedding package for a bride because I want to have a clear understanding of exactly who will be in front of me. I don’t go on auto-pilot and I actually listen to what they want and don’t want. There are a number of other great makeup artists out there but beyond the makeup, I truly know how to consult and service my clientele so I make their entire wedding day feel flawless, not just the makeup.”


Juicy Looks

Now, we’d like to introduce you to beauty expert Abby of Juicy Looks.

Beauty Tips for the Multicultural Bride

Abby recommends drinking plenty of water in the months leading up to the wedding day for a natural glow. She also suggests exfoliating once a week. “Be gentle, and try something that isn’t going to be harsh on the skin. After exfoliating, moisturize.”


How much time to plan for wedding makeup and how many makeup artists are needed

For a bridal party of 8 plus the bride, Abby recommends 2 makeup artists, so that the application is not rushed. “The majority of the time should be allocated to the bride (1.5hrs) and 45mins for each Bridesmaid.” 


What Makes Abby an Amazing Makeup Artist

“I always strive to make sure my Brides have the best overall experience ever! When I have phone consultations with my brides, we not only talk about makeup, we also touch on other things such as Venue, Flowers, Accessories, Wedding Dress, Shoes… the list goes on. 

I also share experiences and give advice when needed. From then on, they get to understand that I offer something beyond Makeup Application for the day. Many previous Juicy Looks Brides have been known to call me their wedding day “Best Friend”. 

Another thing that makes me different is I always try to provide something special for my Brides. This year, I now provide Dress Form/Mannequins to my brides to hold their wedding dresses in place for picture purposes. This makes life easier for the Bride, the Photographer and the Videographer.”


Ijeoma Makeup

Finally, we’d like you to meet beauty expert Ijeoma.

Beauty Tips for the Multicultural Bride

She emphasizes the importance of developing a good skincare regimen early on before the wedding day.

“When it comes to prepping for wedding day glam, a good skincare regimen is essential to achieving that flawless, timeless glam every bride wants. For all of my bridal clients, I always emphasize the importance of prioritizing skincare needs as much as everything else–the earlier you start, the better.

My first advice would be to schedule a personalized full skin care consultation with a dermatologist and/or aesthetician early in the planning process, especially if you have specific skin concerns to address like adult acne, hyperpigmentation or textured skin from past acne breakouts. When it comes to skincare, you want to give yourself ample time to see results, so at least 6-9 months prior to the wedding day would be ideal.

The second advice is to have a solid skincare regimen, that includes a day and night time routine with targeted treatments that  address concerns like dark spots, dry skin etc. At the very least, a day-time regimen should consist of a gentle mild cleaner, a hydrating/balancing toner, an antioxidant serum (ie, vitamin C serum), a moisturizer + SPF. For a night time routine, the cleansing and toning steps still apply, and can be followed by a targeted treatment product and a hydrating moisturizer. Targeted treatments can include hydrating facial masks, an exfoliate used 2-3 times a week,  or a retinol product used 2-3 times to help minimize pores, reduce fine lines and even skin-tone. Ultimately, your routine should be tailored to your concerns and to always factor in weather changes.”


How much time to plan for wedding makeup and how many makeup artists are needed

Ijeoma recommends a minimum of two makeup artists with about 1 hour for each bridesmaid and 1.5 hours for the bride. 

“Ultimately, the goal is always to keep things stress-free and on time, so my advice would be to have 2 artists at a minimum and allot about 1 hour for each bridesmaid and up to 1.5 hours for the bride. With 2 makeup artists for a party of 8 women plus the bride, about 5 – 6 hours is recommended. For brides who prefer to have a separate makeup artist for themselves and another for their bridal party, I highly recommend having a lead makeup artist that will pull together a professional team with a similar makeup aesthetics for the bridal party. It’s so important for everyone to have a cohesive look.  

Additionally, I can’t over-stress the importance (and beauty) of pulling together a great team of bridal vendors who understand the value of working together to execute an exceptional wedding experience. For my brides with large bridal parties, with permission of course,  I typically work with her hair vendor prior to the day of ceremony to make sure things are in sync and cohesive. It’s really important that both hair and makeup times are coordinated to keep things flowing–so when one person is in the chair for makeup, someone else is the chair for hair. I usually have her share the schedule with her bridal party or wedding planner/coordinator a week or so prior to the ceremony.”


What Makes Ijeoma an Amazing Makeup Artist

She loves being an unconventional makeup artist. She has a combined passion for making women look and feel beautiful along with her knowledge of skincare and the science of beauty.

I’d say my “edge” as a makeup artist is my combined passion for making women look and feel beautiful along with my knowledge of skincare and science of beauty. My holistic approach to beauty largely driven my background as a pharmacist–so in addition to creating timeless glamorous looks, but I love empowering my clients with skincare knowledge so that they can preserve their glow long after the makeup is removed. I love being an unconventional makeup artist– you will always catch me sharing skincare tips and product recommendations or educating my clients on what skincare ingredients they should be looking for in products to achieve the ultimate glow-up. Also, at the core of my “edge” is my commitment to professionalism and vibrant personality–being a source of positive energy is very important to me.

For my brides, it’s more than just being their bridal makeup artist, it’s about being part of an experience that will last a lifetime. It’s about establishing a great rapport and connection from day one by learning about who she is–her personality, her style, what she loves– and the vision of what she wants to look AND feel like on her special day. I take all of this information, and translate it into a timeless glam that accentuates her most beautiful features. For each bride, I make it a priority to personalize the experience from the very beginning, because the memories of her wedding day will live with her forever. My goal is to make sure that she smiles and fall in love with her look all over again every single time.”


Our Tips for Beautiful Bridal Portraits

Looking amazing in your wedding photos begins with establishing a good, consistent beauty regimen and hiring an amazing beauty expert and makeup artist like Sisi, Abby or Ijeoma. Petronella Photography is a team of expert wedding photographers who specialize in helping multicultural couples celebrate their love in a modern way, and we have a couple tips about time management that we’d like to add.

More time is always better when it comes to creating beautiful bridal portraits. A typical bridal portrait takes half an hour of uninterrupted time. Make sure you get this time by building in a buffer of 30-60 minutes after everyone’s makeup is done. Anything can happen on your wedding day, from a last-minute changes to your hairstyle or taking selfies to oversleeping.

We would love to capture your beautiful multicultural look at your wedding! 

If you’re looking for more advice or tips on how to look amazing in your wedding photos, please contact us to schedule an appointment.


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