Episode 16 of the I Am Multicultural Podcast is the story of Bolivian couple Patricia and Juan Pablo, who despite being born in the same city & country, grew up with very different family traditions and are now forging their own path and traditions as a family, raising two bilingual kids.


We talk about:

  • Living in two different countries and having a serious conversation before starting a long distance relationship as a Bolivian couple
  • How Juan Pablo proposed via regular snail mail over 3700 miles away
  • Maintaining a long distance relationship (she was in Virginia and he was in Bolivia) up until 1 month before having their first child together as a Bolivian couple
  • Raising bilingual kids to fluently speak, write and understand two languages
  • Making one’s own path as a Bolivian couple despite having different traditions and upbringing while raising two bilingual kids
  • Educating bilingual kids about their heritage and background
  • What they’ve learned after 10 years of marriage and advice for other multicultural couples

How 1 Bolivian Couple is Raising Fluently Bilingual Kids | Pat and Juan Pablo I Am Multicultural podcast

Patricia + Juan Pablo share:

  • 37:30 – You shouldn’t believe that your traditions are better than the other person’s or the other way around. Every single tradition has its own background, so you have to respect and learn to enjoy the other person’s background, culture, festivities. After that, you have to see what you like and what you don’t like and make your own traditions as a couple.
  • 39:46 – If you love and respect each other you can make it work. You understand and accept that you believe differently, but you learn to become flexible. In a multicultural relationship, you might like another part of other person’s culture, you might want to adopt it because it seems to attract you, but first, you have to find that in yourself and then you can share that together.
  • 43:34 – Love is the ultimate loyalty. Be always there for that person, know that she is going to be there for you, always count on her and let her know that she can count on you that you’re going to be together supporting each other.
  • 45:10 – The only way to love somebody, to be actually in a good relationship is knowing yourself, knowing what you want, knowing what’s going to make you happy because that allows you to choose the right person. If you don’t know what you want, you are just going to choose whatever and it doesn’t work out like that, it doesn’t matter if you’re a multicultural or not. If you know what do you want, you have an idea of family in your head, and the other person is on the same page, then it’s going to work out. It doesn’t matter the background, it doesn’t matter the culture because you’re going to make it work. The hardest thing in life is knowing yourself.


How 1 Bolivian Couple is Raising Fluently Bilingual Kids | Pat and Juan Pablo I Am Multicultural podcast


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