In Episode 9 of the I Am Multicultural Podcast, I interview Ria and Jon, a Chinese – Filipino couple, who met in the Philippines, about how their Chinese Filipino long distance relationship, how they define true love, how they’ve learned to communicate, love and resolve conflict despite their different cultures and the apology gimmick they’ve developed to make saying sorry easier.


Ria Jon Chinese Filipino long distance relationship

Multicultural Topics Addressed

  • Making a Chinese Filipino long distance relationship work and getting to know each other better through modern technology
  • Exploring each other and using your similarities to bond with your partner in a Chinese Filipino long distance relationship
  • Working through the challenges and overcoming difficulties of a Chinese Filipino long distance relationship
  • Adjusting to cultural differences and learning how to resolve a conflict in a Chinese Filipino long distance relationship
  • Discussing what values and traditions of your different cultures to pass on to your children

Ria Jon Chinese Filipino long distance relationship

Ria & Jon Tan share:

  • 46:44 – One of the biggest things is remembering that it’s better,  if you have a conflict, to speak it up fast, to talk about it right away, ask for forgiveness quickly, apologize quickly before things escalate and get more frustrating.
  • 50:28 – Love is a decision, an ongoing commitment. You always need to commit every day of your life to love another person.
  • 51:10 – Maybe we’ve just happened to have a shared definition of love, but I too think it’s a daily decision. It goes beyond emotions because emotions come and go. There are times when you’re moody, angry or frustrated and this is when the love still has to take a step forward.
  • 52:03 – The conflict that you see at hand is going to go away, and the problems that you have will always be there because tomorrow is a new set of problems, but that’s recognizing that your decisions to commit and love shouldn’t change. They shouldn’t go away because that’s something that has an extremely life-altering consequence.
  • 57:19The first thing that comes to mind is exploring whether it be through travel or have a chance to explore different foods or even exploring your family history, getting a chance to ask some more questions and stories about their lives, all the places they’ve been, all the struggles they’ve had. It helps to paint a better appreciation for us up until where we are right now.
  • 59:32 – Just explore because you never know what you will learn, and because you’ll learn about yourself when you explore other people.


Ria Jon Chinese Filipino long distance relationship

Jon + Ria Favorites:

Machu Picchu llama Chinese Filipino couple

Ria and Jon in Peru with an llama


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