In episode 8 of the I am Multicultural Podcast, I chat with the cheerful, award winning media producer & diversity champion Anna Lauren Tufecki about her love story with her Turkish Muslim husband Eren & how together they’re pioneering & redefining what love & faith looks like in a healthy, fulfilling Christian – Muslim marriage.

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Multicultural Topics Addressed

  • Being curious about other people’s cultures and faith and looking for ways to empower and enable the diversity in every possible situation
  • Dating a Muslim man and getting to know his faith and culture
  • Having an interfaith wedding ceremony that celebrates diversity and inclusion
  • Exploring and learning more about your significant other’s religion in an interfaith marriage
  • Redefining what love and faith mean and look like in an interfaith marriage
  • Making plans on how to raise your children in an interfaith marriage

Anna Lauren Tüfekçi interfaith marriage Christian Muslim bride groom wedding

Anna Lauren Tüfekçi shares:

  • 05:14 – If we’d been given resources in this beautiful life, we should put them to our best use.
  • 17:10 – I feel like I’m pioneering, like I’m a healthy model for multi-religious relationships, especially with two that are so different and one like Islam that is just so misrepresented.
  • 31:21 – I really feel like it’s my responsibility to learn all this stuff so that when we do have kids, it’s going to be about giving them the tools, information and different resources for them to learn about God, then take that, and see it however they would want. I just think it’s so beautiful and special if you can give a child access to garden in so many different ways because then they can just find it in a way that really makes sense for them, and no one’s telling them this is right, and this is not right, that person’s way of practicing faith is good, and this persons’ is wrong.
  • 36:44 – Marriage is challenging for anyone, but community and family and surrendering to selfless love is such an important thing. If you want a good marriage, try to outlove each other.
  • 42:25 – Look at people who are other and celebrate that so that we can move forward with us united at best. The future is so complicated, complex and unknown. We’re only ever going to tap into this beautiful global potential that we have if we hug our neighbor and look at them and see their faces and see them.
  • 48:08 – If there is anything that’s other or different from you, go right into that and read about it.
  • 49:01 – The more that we familiarize ourselves with each other and really look at each other through eyes of understanding and love, then that’s how we really get to know those buddies out there that are our future best buddies.


Anna Lauren Tüfekçi interfaith marriage Christian Turkish Muslim

Anna Lauren Tüfekçi & Eren during their interfaith marriage in Canada


Anna Lauren’s Favorites:


Anna Lauren Tüfekçi & Eren during their interfaith marriage in Canada

Photo Credit: Genevieve Renee Photographie


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Thanks for this podcast episode! We appreciated getting to listen to it. Wanted to share a community resource – Muslim Christian Interfaith Families is a USA-based grassroots organization comprised of individuals who identify as part of a Muslim/Christian interfaith relationship or family.

We help support couples/families with navigating extended family, planning weddings, raising children, sourcing supportive religious leaders and marriage/family counselors, and creating community with in-person events.

Further, we are involved with general interfaith dialogue and activism, as well as decreasing Islamophobia in schools and the community.

Closed Facebook group for interfaith families:
Muslim Christian Interfaith Families (MCIF)

Public Facebook page for all supporters: Muslim Christian Interfaith Families (

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