What’s a head explosion and how do some people react when they see blasian couple Timolin & Eric together?

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Multicultural Topics Addressed

  • Getting mixed reactions from people when they realize you are a blasian couple
  • Why it’s hard for people to comprehend that they are together as a married couple
  • How Eric proposed onstage as part of an improv act
  • Bonding with your multicultural partner by using cultural similarities
  • Using humor, cooking and other unique activities to connect with each other, despite what other people think of you as a blasian couple
  • Getting to know each other’s cultural backgrounds to understand your partner’s communication style
  • Imagining and talking about future interracial blasian kids


blasian couple after wedding ceremony at Westbury Gardens

blasian bride and groom walking at Old Westbury Gardens

Timolin + Eric’s blasian wedding ceremony at Old Westbury Gardens

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Photo Credit: Petronella Photography

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