How did one Caucasian guy of German – Scottish descent meet & marry a black American woman & what name have they chosen for their baby boy that combines both their cultures?

In episode 6 of the I Am Multicultural podcast, I’m talking with interracial newlyweds Khadijah and Thomas who have a Youtube channel called “The Delightful Carleys” about how they met online and from the very beginning were very intentional about their relationship. We discuss what values have helped them get through an emotional roller coaster of their first year of marriage and how they are preparing for the birth of their baby boy.


Multicultural Topics Addressed

  • Meeting online and being honest about your intentions and relationship as an interracial black white couple
  • Being open to dating someone outside of your race and learn about different  cultures
  • Discussing religion and other cultural topics on your first date
  • Facing your families and letting them know that you are an interracial black white couple
  • Supporting each other and learning about your similarities and differences as an interracial black white couple
  • Coming up with a baby name that will be a mix of two cultures

interracial newlyweds Khadijah Thomas on their wedding day in New York

Khadijah Swann Carley shares

  • 23:20 – In stressful situations, all you can do is just be supportive. When one’s down, you’ve just got to pick them up.
  • 24:30 – You’ve got to be there, you’ve got to be there, no matter how hard they push you away, always letting them know that you are there for them. In the end, they’ll appreciate and remember that. That’s really important.
  • 33:38 – Don’t let society choose who you love because there are people out there who are just not down with the swirl. Society has a tendency to creep up on you, so don’t let them in your relationship and respect one another. 
  • 35:55 – Respect one another and you’ll be good. You’ll make it.

Thomas Carley shares

  • 23:20 – You just have to be present and don’t shy away from any distance between each other.
  • 33:09 – Just be there for each other. Worry about the two of you more than anything.
  • 35:06 – You’ve got to support each other’s dreams as much as you can.
  • 44:39 – Respect and be aware of other people’s cultures, be accepting and tolerant especially in this time where people is at each other’s throats. Be the beacon of tolerance and show the world that we can all get along.


interracial newlyweds Khadijah Thomas engagement session

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interracial newlyweds Khadijah Thomas love story

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interracial newlyweds Khadijah Thomas engagement session


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