Check out Aneesah’s powerful that Aneesah shared… at her wedding at The India House.
“The fairytales read to me as a child always told me about this prince I was supposed to meet someday. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & others were all waiting for this “man” to come save them. You, having known me for almost 8 years, know that I come from a chapter of women that believe that these stories are crap!
These women could have saved themselves & helped run the kingdom side-by-side WITH their prince, as a queen.
I am not a simple woman.
I wasn’t expecting you. You are the best partner because you let my strengths stand while opening my eyes to my weaknesses.
You made me realize that doing it alone doesn’t mean I have to do it ALL alone.
As your wife, I promise to follow your lead. I promise to trust you to do things in your own time (as you always have). Even when you refuse to make reservations at top restaurants until the last minute OR when you take forever to fix that “thing” in the house and I am 2 minutes from calling a repair man to fix whatever “this” is. I promise to take a step back when you tell me, “I got this”.
I promise to be your confidant, your friend and the person that you can always depend on, no matter what we face.
Fairytales lied because they give you a perfectly planned story, with perfect  companions and a perfect ending. I am marrying you today because for better or for worse, you are the person I can’t live without.
YOU are my prince and I love you.
Stay tuned for Jermaine’s powerful vows.
Khamit Kinks natural bride at The India House New York Petronella Photography

man those vows will really hit the spot will really make you cry hearing them from a Samuel L Jackson voice

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