When Shilpn proposed to Dipa with a “Marry You” acapella serenade in Times Square, Dipa was mortified because she didn’t quite understand what was going on, but no worries, it was all part of Shilpn’s proposal plans.


Shilpn enjoys taking risks and pushing the boundaries, not only outside of his comfort zone but also around the people he loves most.


Which is why he knew that on their first year anniversary and her birthday, he wanted to propose to Dipa in Times Square near the TKTs red stairs because he knew it would slightly mortify her.  So he reached out to The Heart Bandits to set things in motion.


It was a very cold day in New York, but Shilpn insisted that they do a walking photo tour of Times Square starting off first at The Hard Rock Cafe Times Square.


They did “their M” heart pose in front of McDonald’s before heading to the TKTs stairs where an acapella group was getting ready to sing.


As the acapella group came out to sing Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me,” Dipa smiled for a few photos from me, their “NYC Times Square photo guide” and then pleaded with me to leave the scene.   Even though the group was singing “I think I want to marry you,” Dipa assumed they were a bunch of crazy panhandling acapella singers.


That was until she saw her family and friends slowly approaching and gathering around her, did she then realize that all of it was for her.


Here’s what Shilpn shared:

How did he/you propose? Why did he choose the theme/elements he chose?

  1. A week or so before, I told Dipa that I had work event in the city on that Saturday and that my company would be setting us up with a hotel and all. When we arrived, I let her know that as a surprise for her birthday (which was a couple days away) that we would be taking a photo walking tour of NYC. She had never done the “touristy” NYC thing and so I figured this would be the perfect time for that. In addition to that, about a year before, on her last birthday, we had done a Chocolate Walking tour in NYC, so she somewhat believed that this would be a typical Shilpn move haha.When the tour began, it was so cold outside! Dipa, as many people are, isn’t a fan of the cold. Our “photo guide”, Petronella, made sure we were engaged with each other and made us feel a little warmer as we walked around Times Square posing for pictures.The walking tour culminated near the TKTS stairs, where the a cappella group, Satellite Lane, began serenading Dipa with “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Dipa was unaware as to what was happening and asked Petronella that we move away from the “crazy people singing”. That’s when all of our family and friends approached us and she realized what was happening.

    I wanted to make sure that all of our family and friends were there for her special moment. I coordinated with all of them, about 25 people, including where they would all be hiding and when to come up to Dipa and I. I chose to do this in Times Square for a couple reasons. First, I always try to push myself to do things outside of my comfort zone and have new experiences, the same is what I try to do with Dipa. Proposing in such a public spot as Times Square was certainly pushing the levels of Dipa’s comfort zone. And one of the biggest reasons of all, what a better way to express my love to Dipa than to propose to her in one of the world’s most famous locations, Times Square!

    How did you meet?

    We met on Shaadi.com. She was the first and last girl I’ve met from there!
    When did you know she was the one?

    To be honest, I got a feeling that she was the one on our first date, yes, our first date!! We didn’t have a typical first date conversation. Over dinner, at what turns out to be both of our favorite restaurant, Thai Kitchen, we began to talk in-depth about our families, our friends, and other things you would generally wait to tell each other a little later in the relationship. But somehow, it all just seemed to click!Over the course of our relationship, the feeling that she was the one continue to grow. Including on my birthday in August, when she had planned to take me skydiving! She hates adrenaline filled activities like that, but she was willing to do it for me. Unfortunately, the weather put a damper on the plans, but the fact that she was willingly pushing her own bounds for me made me love her even more.After a friend’s wedding we attended in September, I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. I knew she was the one and it was now time for me to start shopping for a ring.

    What do you love about her/him?

    Shilpn: I love her passion, her strong will, her smile that makes me feel light on my feet, her eyes that brighten my day, the way she crinkles her nose when she gets frustrated, her adorable little chuckle when I make my corny jokes and most of all, that she always manages to make me as happy as I could be. When I’m traveling for work, I’m thinking about the day I get home so I can see Dipa. There isn’t a day or an hour that goes by where I’m not thinking about her.Dipa: What I love about Shilpn is his sense of humor! Even though at times he is “corny” he still always makes me laugh! I love the fact that he always cares about my likes and dislikes. Always impressed with how he finds new way to “WoW” me! He also always finds a way to see me even if it’s not convenient for him. My favorite time with Shilpn is when he comes over and we watch tv and cuddle! I Love how he enjoys the little things I do for him and think they are big. I can’t say this enough but I honestly have never met anyone more loving and caring than Shilpn And since the day he came into my life, everything’s been perfect!
    What advice do you have to other guys when planning a proposal?

    Make sure you plan everything, but don’t expect everything to go as planned! Enjoy the moment and cherish how special it is.

    Anything you want me to know?

    That I love Dipa more than anything in the world!
    Proposal Vendors

    Planning: The Heart Bandits

    Photography: Petronella Photography

    Location: Times Square TKTs Red Steps

    Watch their proposal slideshow here:

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